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Northern Fire and Security South Shields

Security Systems

Security Systems South Shield

Weather its you home or business, we take comfort in knowing what we care about is safe and secure.

NFS can provide you with a security system that meets your requirements and conforms to the relevant standards.


NFS security alarms provide a good deterrent to potential intruders and offer a cost effective solution to protect your property. Available as hardwired or wireless, bells only or remotely monitored our systems are simple to operate and very reliable.
All of our intruder alarms are designed, installed, commissioned and maintained to EN50131, PD6662, DD243,NACP11

CCTV systems can provide visible and effective deterrent against all types of crimes including burglary. Commercial CCTV systems are well established, but in recent years security camera systems are growing in popularity with homeowners. CCTV footage can be recorded and used for identification, conviction and crime prevention.
NFS can provide a CCTV package to suit your requirements, ranging from a single camera to multi camera installations with the option of local or remote monitoring and smartphone applications.

Access control systems help you monitor and limit access to your premises and significantly reduce the security threat to staff and property.Weather its one door or a hundred doors NFS offer a wide variety of systems to suit your specific requirements.Systems can be standalone or networked using pc software and can be integrated into other security systems